What does self care mean to you?
This is a guest blog by Julianna.

My name is Julianna, your skin care advisor.
My journey with skin care started around 4 years ago when I was looking for solutions to take care of my skin from the comfort of my home.
My mission is to help busy moms have a simple but effective skin care routine, with clear and easy-to-follow steps that they can stick to each and every day without feeling overwhelmed.
Every mom deserves some time to take care of herself so that her cup is refilled and she can feel good in her skin.
I am here for you to help you be that mom, who fits self-care in her routine and smiles happily when looking into the mirror.


''I have not been to the hairdresser since ages. I have not visited my Ob-Gyn since my son was born.”

Are you one of the women who says this all the time?

Do you feel that you do not have time for yourself, always prioritizing everyone else over you?

Do you think self-care is nice but you have no idea, when and how you could take better care of

You do sit down to have a break and your thoughts are running like cars on a highway?

It is no wonder that you feel like that.

 You are not alone in this.

We, women, usually have different roles to fulfill: we are daughters, sisters, wives, moms, colleagues,
friends and many other different roles we take in our life.

There is absolutely no doubt that doing so many different things and the desire to do them well can
be overwhelming and might make you feel that you are drained.

Therefore it is very important to take time out for yourself to take care of you.

The time, that is only for you, time which you can spend the way you want, without interruption.

You have to consciously book time for yourself, especially if you struggle to find time for you.

It is so important to refill your cup, because you cannot help others if you are not recharged.

Self-care, as a concept is often associated with skin care or pampering sessions, but it can include
many different activities such as journaling, having a chat with a friend over tea, taking a nap,
reading a book you like, or going swimming.

Self-care is a way of showing love, to yourself!

Self-love means that you love yourself and because of this, you take care of yourself, the same way you take care of your loved ones.

It was a game changer when a coach told me to play sports, not to lose weight, but out of self-love!

It was an eye- opener for me.

Loving yourself also means that you do things for yourself that contributes to your well-being, such as sports, going to checkups, be mindful about what you put on your plate, or having daily walks.

It can be challenging to do all this, but not impossible.

 Establishing a good routine, scheduling things in your calendar to get them done, and asking for help so that you have the time will definitely make things easier. Please, do not be afraid to reach out to others if this is what you need.

Also, you do not have to do each and every change you wish to establish in the future, but maybe
starting with writing them down, make a priority list and start with the most important ones.

You will not only feel better, but with small daily actions, which contribute to your health and well-
being, will make a huge difference in the long run, and you will be thankful 5-10 years later that you
took a step in the right direction. It does take time to develop good habits, but it is definitely
worth the energy.

If you feel that you cannot do it alone, I am here to help.

My name is Julianna ,your skin care advisor.

Connect with me via my page: www.glowupwithjulianna.com