A healing journey with the right support leads to a healthy life.

You may feel tired and lost when it comes to health information online. You may want to make a lifestyle change but don't know where to begin. You may dread your periods, have low self esteem, or be overwhelmed with your first pregnancy. But fret no more because I got you.

It is time to become energetic, confident, and in control of your health. Start by booking the package that suits you best or by signing up for a "Quick Look" under the hood and let me suggest the best route to take on our journey. Its finally time to get authentic and tangible solutions for your health concerns.

Power Hour

1 session for 1 hour. 
A quick one-on-one encounter to explore any, and all health concerns holistically and get actionable next steps. Detailed advice will be sent on email. You will have the option to upgrade to another package if you want to commit to a coaching programme.
Better health | Regulated Emotions | Holistic Healing | Restoring Balance 
Price £150

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Better Periods Naturally

4 sessions: 1st session for 1.5 hours followed by 3 sessions for 30mins each. 
A one-on-one programme spanning 8 weeks where we go on a deep dive of all your health issues like irregular/heavy/painful periods, weight gain, acne, and fatigue. However, depending on the severity of the issue, you may need longer to achieve desired results
More energy | Weight management | Better and more regular periods | Better skin | Confidence and improved self esteem 
Price £595

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3 month intensive

An intensive 3 month support ONLY for those serious to make a change in their health.
Weekly support calls to keep you accountable and supported. 
For any hormonal issues like period problems, skin breakouts, weight management and fatigue.

Price £1800

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question? I am here to answer them. Go through the list for the most frequently asked queries. If you don’t find your question here, feel free to write to me through the Contact page.

Health coaches are trained to work in partnership with you with the goal of improving your wellness. A coach will help you identify issues that need to be addressed and co-create a coaching plan for you in bite-sized portions that makes it easy to implement and incorporate into your daily lifestyle. You make the decisions with the help of your health coach.

Health coaching is not like a doctor’s consultation, where you have a short consultation, some tests, and a prescription. It’s involved around diet and lifestyle advice with a deep look into all aspects of your life- health, underlying illnesses, medications, sleep, stress levels, relationships, work life balance and so much more. Typically, you would work with your coach for at least 3-4 sessions. Some people may feel that they need the support for longer and chose to continue for months or even years.

The health coaching field is relatively new so there is not much regulation around it. Now anybody can call themselves a health coach. Your health needs to be in safe hands. It is better to always hire a qualified health coach. For more confidence, look for a health coach with a medical background so that they can understand your specific needs. Word of mouth is an excellent way to choose a health coach.

Health coaching has huge benefits in the management and prevention of many diseases. Many corporate companies are now investing in health coaching for their employees as it is seen to improve health, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Insurance companies may pay for health coaching in some circumstances. Health coaching is revolutionizing current healthcare and more healthcare professionals are now encouraging health coaching as it truly creates transformation through education, motivation, and addressing mindset and goal setting by active listening and asking powerful questions.

You are unique because there is only one you. Your health and fitness goals are unique to you. Every health information is out there for grabs. However, working on your health on your own leaves you confused and overwhelmed. Most of the time you would give it up in a few days. If you have a health issue or feel there is need to address a specific problem, you are best off working with a health coach. You would tailor together a programme for your needs, where you are in the driver’s seat. One- size-fits-all doesn’t apply to health and wellness goals. As an example, broccoli has many health benefits. But if you dislike broccoli, there is no point giving you a diet with broccoli as the main ingredient!